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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Graphic Designer | Web/Mobile Designer

Cozy Winter

Coffee is more than just a cup, it’s a culture of comfort and experience and closeness.

I've been a Graphic Designer at Whole Latte Love for 2+ years. During this time I've taken on many roles on top of my graphic design duties, such as managing projects, training designers, and planning out marketing. Although I'm heavily involved in marketing, I have a great passion for web/mobile related projects.

My team knows me for being passionate, direct, and understanding to situations and limitations. I show great leadership in our projects and organizational skills in management. These skills demonstrate a dedication to helping my team, and put out nothing but our best! 

Web Design

I've always had a passion for web designs, and it shows across our site. From refining our branding, to establishing better UI for our customers. I'm constantly learning and ready to explore new design methods. You can find my work on Whole Latte Love, Dalla Corte USA, and Gaggia NA. 


Recent Work

Recently we launched our Product Customizer that had been a long time project. I designed the new layout and worked with our developers to revamp our current "bundler" to include customization for some of our higher end machines. The design updated the stylization from our previous layout, while sticking to certain limitations we had. Play around and try it out for yourself! 



I got to work along side my coworker, and help design new packaging for BeamedUp and Crema Wave coffee. This was a first time experience for me and I had a lot of fun with this project. We spent a lot of time sketching ideas, mockup up bags, and finally get to see our art in production. Want to know more? Read up on our interview. 


Intense, smoky, and dark, our Beamed Up blend is a dark roast espresso with bittersweet notes of dark chocolate, roasted marshmallow, and red berry.

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When I started working here, I was just designing email campaigns. Now you can find me planning and scheduling out our email marketing and setting up our site promotions. Over the years I've learned how to better our teams efficiency and organize our tasks. 

Typing on a Computer


Managing | Assigning | Collaborating

I talk with our marketing manager to help plan out a month ahead of emails. Our emails usually tie in with social media, and possibly site updates.

Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 7.09.48 PM.png


Launching | Social Boosting |

Email Campaigns

I help delegate tasks and keep my team on track for launching promotions or campaigns. If a problem occurs I'm quick to help out. 

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