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"Hunt intelligent monsters and develop your settlement through a self-running campaign."

Kingdom Death: Monsters is a board game developed by Adam Poots. This brutal game is filled with with deadly hunts and the strive for survival. Players work together in a long, gruesome, and adventurous campaign in the depths of a dark world.


The game comes with a character sheet that has to be edited for up to 30 in-game sessions, with multiple elements to track. As someone who writes with a lot of pressure, this made things difficult to know what was erased in future rounds. With a limited number of character sheets, we tried to reuse character sheets, but after so many uses, the paper would often rip. 
For the leader of the campaign, there is a feeling of being overwhelmed trying to keep track of all the correct information. Tracking with paper, if not aware of all the rules and event triggers, increases the number of game mistakes. Additionally time gets eaten up by shuffling for randomizing certain events, character disorders, and more. 

Piles of Paper


Create an app for the players to help track all information in their campaigns. Multiple devices can access and edit the same campaign, so this gives everyone the chance to help keep track of game events and details, thus saving on play time.

The app would have easy access to character sheets and game data for all players, and eliminate the table space needed to write down on your sheets. 

Additionally, the app can help reduce game time spent on randomizing events and character disorders by the press of a button.  

Flow Chart

There are a lot of components and starting points throughout the game. So before I started creating concepts and mockups I first began with establishing a flow chart. Starting with the most commonly used starting points, and then breaking down possible interactions from there. 

Artboard – 2.png

Mockups & Concepts

Once I had the work flow established, I began creating mockups for different segments of the app. I love prototyping as it helps me better understand interactions and know what needs adjustments. I tried tackling some of the key points from the flow chart and create an example of a working prototype. All in all, I had a fun time working on this personal project and would love coming back to update everything.


Style Guide

Explore the Kingdom Death Monster App Style guide, where I go over; colors, typography, mobile elements, general work flow, and mockup examples. A fan of the game? Let me know your thoughts! 

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