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Kingdom Death: Monsters is a board game developed by Adam Poots. This brutal game is filled with with deadly hunts and the strive for survival. Players work together  in an adventurous campaign in the depths of a dark world. 


Too much paper work to monitor multiple characters. Each character has their own sheet with a list of stats that are constantly updated. 

Trying to reuse the character paper sheets helps but the paper rips and breaks after so many uses. 


For the leader of the campaign, there is a feeling of being overwhelmed trying to keep track of all the correct information. Tracking with paper, if not aware of all the rules and event triggers,  increases the number of game mistakes. 


Create an app for the players to help track all information in their campaigns. 

The app would have easy access to character sheets and game data for all players.


Multiple devices can access and edit the same campaign, so this gives everyone the chance to help keep track of game events and details, thus saving on play time.   

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