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Branding | Web Design | UI/UX 

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Experience the groundbreaking products that have been honed through years of innovation...

Whole Latte Love partnered with Dalla Corte to form Dalla Corte USA. In 2019, we launched our Dalla Corte USA site which demonstrated our creativity and innovation. Our goal was not only bring forth the brand of Dalla Corte, but also demonstrate customization building. 

I was part of the team that built this site from the ground up. I helped drive the sites branding, design layout for our machines, and brainstorm UX/UI designs for the customization. 



Dalla Corte had a brand style that we could work with, and my job was to take it to the next level. I stayed within their brand while adding some extra additions that helped enhance our site. One of the key changes was the addition of a blue accent color that helped pop their signature yellow. 


Web Design

The main focus of this project was to show off our customization tool, as well as give a personalize walk through the machine details. The inspiration was as if we were being taken on museum tour. Each machine page has it's own set of unique videos and information, as well as customizable sections.

Programming Console



I worked closely with our developing team in order to understand limitations and hurdles of the project. I have a base understanding of some programming, which makes it easier to communicate my direction. 

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As this was the first time taking on a project like this, I took extensive notes in our meetings. Additionally I helped label and comment sections and styles for our devs to ease the transition from concept to final. 

UX/UI Design

I helped in researching and designing the Ux/Ui for the customization. My coworker and I looked at top brand examples like Nike, but also inspiration from video games like Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter. There was a lot of elements to consider, and certainly was a challenge to make sure everything made sense for the user. 

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