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Branding | Webdesign | Client Work

My client recently retired from his job, and was looking to create a hunting/fishing consulting business. His outdoor activities have been his favorite hobby these past 40+ years and is ready to pass on his knowledge and guidance.

Designing the Brand

Conceptualizing | Brainstorming

When discussing the project with my client, I wrote down keywords and descriptions of what he was looking for in a logo and his website. I went through my notes and broke them down in to helpful categories for the look and feel of the brand he was looking for. 

Leaf Wreath

Key Words

exploration, outdoors, compass, guidance, travel

Misty Woodland


Rustic, bold, wise, inspirational, journey, adventure

Fern Plant


Textured, rustic, greens,
earth tones, 

Concepts & Final Logo

My initial concepts tried to find key visual points that my client would like to identify with. Mountains tied in the feeling of adventure and the great outdoors while the compass tied in the desire to guide and help people. 

Final Logo

After showing off my concepts to the client, he loved the mountain range and compass. I took those and combined them to create the final logo. The logo is a message of his outdoor experience and guidance he wants to show for his new business. 

Web Concepts

After receiving a general list of content that my client wanted, I started sketching out simple layouts and ideas for his site. Researching some design inspiration, and other consultation websites to help my client get the best of what he wanted for his new business.

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