Life of Molly

If you had to describe me in one word it's passionate. I love to love. I try to pour my heart and soul into everything I do in life. At first I can come off really shy, but it's just to get a feel of those I meet. Then you come to realize I'm a goofball that loves to message you funny memes, or bounce crazy ideas off of. 


Hobbies and Interests

Board Games

If you love board games, then we are already on our way to becoming good friends. I love a good board game! Especially a good board game box design. My weekend nights are usually filled with at least one game. Right now however I am currently playing Japanese Richii Mahjong. 

A list of favorites in no particular order


  • Dead of Winter 

  • Kingdom Death: Monsters

  • Dice Forge

  • Kingsburg 

  • Sushi-Go Party 

  • Imhotep

  • God Father

  • Arkham Horror


Video Games

Like many kids my age, I spent my early childhood traveling through Hyrule to save the Princess/World. Video games have always be a fun escape from life's struggles and stress. Growing up I didn't have many games to play with and was always the last to play the latest games, but I cherished my time with what I had.  


A list of favorites in no particular order

  • Overwatch 

  • Animal Crossing / Pocket Crossing

  • Legend of Zelda Series 

    • Minish cap and Breath of the Wild are top favorites

  • Monster Hunter 

  • Left for Dead 2 

  • Mario Kart 8 - I will destroy you 

  • I dabble with some fighting games such as

    • Soul Calibur 6​

    • Street Fighter

    • Skull Girls 

    • Super Smash Bros Ultimate



Music awakens my spirit! I'm the kinda person who will listen to the same song over and over again for months. My taste is music is kinda all over the place to be honest. These past few years I've branched into Kpop. I went to my first concert a that's what started it all. Also been listening to some of the upcoming lofi music. 


I've started making playlist for what I'm listening to each month. Check out last months playlist.


Interested in chatting? Let's talk design, games, and innovation!   

Rochester, NY


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